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We help you find the right products for:

  • Voice
  • Supply chain hardware
  • Software
  • Infrastructure
  • IoT & RFID
  • Electronic Shelf Labels
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Our areas of expertise:

  • Full hardware lifecycle planning to reduce stress and cost
  • AutoID systems planning
  • Long-term hardware strategy & migration planning
  • Managed hardware services, including overnight replacements
  • Hardware as a Service options
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How we choose our vendor partners:

Continual Investment

We value companies that are dedicated to the space, meaning they have proven to support their product and product platforms forever.

Dependable products

We work with clients who have different levels of experience with devices. We look for dependability over 5-year periods, which enables the lowest cost for our clients.

AAA Support

CottageTek represents only those manufacturers with AAA Support and maintenance programs.

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COVID-19 Response

CottageTek will create plans to help companies deploy major portable applications without the need for face-to-face training sessions. Our approach to remote, guided training sessions through virtually any mobility application enables a company to realistically roll out new mobility applications without losing time.

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