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How Best to Protect Expensive Rugged Handheld Devices (for use in commercial environments)

The traditional thinking on this subject always revolved the use of a holster to contain the handheld.  New implementations are turning this thinking on its head!  A recent large T&L company (1000 trucks) was adamant that the key to preserving the integrity of the handheld (in their case the Panasonic T1 for many good reasons!) was to have their drivers always POCKET the device.  NO HOLSTER – just drop the device in a pocket.

This thinking even influenced their decision to not go with tablets – they are too large to easily drop into a pocket and they didn’t want to design custom shorts.

The results have been astounding with extremely low failure rates on the T1.  This is probably a combination of the exceptional engineering that goes into the T1 but also the protection of having the handhelds in a pocket.  This is enabled by the slim (yet powerful) design of the T1.

Thoughts anyone?


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