About Us

Long-time wireless industry expertise helps our clients select the right set of top Voice & AutoID vendors.

Cottage Tek founder Bob Saucedo is a pioneer in the AutoID space. Bob was part of the Symbol Technologies’ (now Zebra) team that built the world’s first integrated data terminal, the PDT 6800 (and still going strong as the Zebra MC900). Other hardware Bob worked on included the swivel-top PDT3200 (now the MC3200) that has found a lasting place in the hands of retail workers for decades. Later, Bob helped found the wireless software firm, WaveLink (now Ivanti), before starting Cottage Tek.

Bob’s extensive experience in the industry simplifies the process of purchasing hardware and software for each client. Typically, the field wireless device installation is an expensive proposition for any company. By working with Bob, clients take a long-term, holistic view of the entire hardware lifecycle.

That process:

  • Lowers costs long-term
  • Provides a smoother transition at device end-of-life
  • Creates a stable foundation for software applications
  • Allows for managed services remote training and rollout

Our Offices are Your Work Locations!  A big part of our Value Add is helping our clients optimize their workflows.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to our clients who value high-level guidance on the selection and management of enterprise wireless data solutions.

We provide a wide range of services for our clients including:

  • Software strategy & positioning
  • Start-up planning and setup for funding path
  • Product Marketing and execution strategies
  • Product Management implementation planning
  • Mobile Device Security planning

Special Client-Log-in Intranet site:

We’ve made “configuration control” easy for our customers.  Wireless data systems are inherently complicated with a lot of options and configurations.  Our client can view their detailed system configurations, ready for quick ordering.

Typically, companies will have more than just one type of handheld network, for example:

  • Maintenance Yard Solution
  • Multi-Use In-Cab/Handheld configuration for Routing
  • Warehouse/Manufacturing