Mobile Device Management

CottageTek is proud to resell and support Soti MobiControl device management software (MDM).   Soti MobiControl is the foundational software that controls and manages access to all of the applications running on the mobile device.  This can include multiple applications.  For T&L companies, that can include the DOT ELD app that runs in-cab, plus the mobile business app.


CottageTek helps companies implement advanced Voice solutions from Honeywell Voice utilizing the break-through Voice platform called EZWM.

If you have ever thought about the potential benefits of Voice, CottageTek is offering a free Voice assessment.  Past clients have documented significant productivity improvements at a fraction of typical Voice projects.

EZWM integrates with SAP, taking the place of the native SAP application (and at a fraction of the price!)

EZWM from Almason’s is a cut above other Honeywell Voice solutions.  Here’s why!

  • Almason’s has developed a proprietary voice solution that does not utilize the full Honeywell Vocollect platform. EZWM has been designed for rapid installs and Quick Adoption.
  • EZWM is much more intuitive for users than standard Vocollect solutions.

Supply Chain Hardware

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies owns the largest market share position in the industry for a reason.  Zebra continues to be the top bet for many AutoID applications with compelling hardware/system options for nearly every commercial use case.


Honeywell boasts a wide range of handheld devices, forklift terminals, stationary terminals, industrial printers, RFID systems and more. Enterprise companies rely on Honeywell devices because, along with Zebra Technologies, Honeywell has the widest range of commercial wireless devices. Honeywell has great field support. It’s also made a long-term commitment to the market, which makes it easier for companies to make an investment.


CottageTek is a strong advocate of Datalogic. Though not a household name in the industry, Datalogic has a long and committed history to the handheld industry.  Based in both Europe (Italy) and in the U.S. (Eugene, Oregon) Datalogic has been a dominant ADC (automated data collection) manufacturer for decades.  Some offer unique value propositions such as their Stargate wireless system. With Stargate, distribution centers, warehouses and plants can install a discrete wireless data collection that doesn’t interact or interfere with the main WiFi network.


A relative newcomer in the “handheld space,” Panasonic has established itself as a force.  Long a leader in rugged tablets and laptops in the public sector, Panasonic is now building out its handheld line with products focused on setting new standards for reliability and up-time. Combined with a world-class support philosophy, Panasonic may set the standard when “up-time” and “service reliability” are paramount.


This Swedish manufacturer makes outstanding cradles. In a custom design for CottageTek, ProClips designed a cradle for the Panasonic T1 handheld. ProClips cradles provide a secure connection, charging the Panasonic T1 enough through the day so it doesn’t need overnight charge docks.


CottageTek teams with the industry’s top-tier wireless providers to find the right system for our clients. Tremendous enterprise-class wireless network solutions are available for a wide range of clients: from large corporations with multiple locations and hands-on network support (think Aruba) to smaller installations where less management overhead is required (we like Ruckus here).


Full IoT and RFID expertise, both on the hardware side and on the software side to introduce the right partner for any RFID or IoT project. CottageTek helps you keep your project from becoming just a “science project,” a characteristic of many RFID projects that don’t have experienced leadership.